Dutch Waffle Company Stroopwafels - A True Dutch Treat

Dutch Waffle Company Stroopwafels - A True Dutch Treat

Its a true Dutch treat known as dutch waffles or stroopwafels. Dutch waffle cookies are crafted with the highest quality ingredients based on tradition and expertise. Making this cookie, also known as a Stroopwafel, may seem simple, but making it into perfection requires talent and a pulse on the past and present culinary world.

The dough should be baked in a hot waffle iron for about one minute - because of this, the dutch waffle is not completely cooked and remains flexible at this stage. This allows for the time to cut the waffle horizontally in half. Then, one final press of the iron brings both pieces of the cookie together to create the stroopwafel.

There are several varieties available of dutch waffles. Using a traditional technique can ensure the cookies are cooked to perfection by using a layer of gooey cinnamon-scented caramel. Once the waffle is baked but still warm, it can then be filled with a warm syrup of brown sugar, butter, and cinnamon. The two halves are then incorporated by using the syrup in the middle being slightly pressed together.  

Stroopwafels have continued to increase in popularity because of many factors. They are a true Dutch treat that uses a centuries-old recipe with a rich history. More importantly, the taste of the Stroopwafel is amazing and works as the power of the cookie! The Stroopwafel is most delicious when first warmed up, which melts the caramel and softens the cookie. This makes the highly sought-after Stroopwafels one of the single greatest reasons for their soaring popularity. As more and more people continue to realize the incredible taste of the Stroopwafel, its popularity continues growing exponentially.

In recent years, the Stroopwafel has been incorporated into more than just a cookie. Fast-food giant McDonalds even introduced the Stroopwafel McFlurry in the Netherlands. After seeing its popularity, they did not stop there, the restaurant recently sold an American-based McFlurry Stroopwafel in the United States of America. The Stroopwafel is also featured in many more products, such as ice cream and pies.

America had fallen in love with Stroopwafels so it was the perfect time for Dutch Waffle Company to open its doors in Plymouth, Indiana fulfilling a dream to "provide the best and freshest Stroopwafels from inside the United States."

Beside Stroopwafels, Dutch Waffle Company also introduced America to the delicious “No Bake Stroopwafel Pie Crust.”

If you are looking for the perfect Dutch gift, look no further than Dutch Waffle Company as they have excellent gifts to take with you for friends or acquaintances. A nice package of Stroopwafels and No Bake Stroopwaffle Pie Crust is always well received. People from all cultures can appreciate the taste of this cookie. The rest of the world is still relishing in this often best-kept secret and hidden gem of a sweet delicacy. If you haven't tried one yet, consider finding these Stroopwafels as your next food mission. 

Its suggested that you opt for hand-made Dutch waffles if possible, as they are made fresh with wholesome ingredients. Ready to discover your next sweet treat? Time to check out Dutch waffle cookies!

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