Dutch Waffle Company S'mores

Dutch Waffle Company S'mores

Let's up your s'mores game!

What is better than a summer night around a bonfire?

Everyone knows s'mores make a bonfire better, but Dutch Waffle Company offers something better than a s'more. A DWC s'more! 

Whether you want to self indulge or impress your friends, stroopwaffles allow you to up your bonfire game and up your s'mores game. 


    • Start a fire
    • Roast those squishy marshmallows
    • Warm the DWC Stroopwaffles over the fire (be careful - only a few seconds and the caramel is hot!)
    • Add some chocolate 
    • ENJOY - warm caramel, cinnamon wafer, crispy squishy marshmallows, and a touch of cocoa!
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