History of the syrup waffle

How the Stroopwafel appeared and becomes famous arround the world.

Stroopwafels were first made in Gouda during the late 18th century.. That’s why they are still also called “Goudse Wafel”  (Waffle from Gouda) One story ascribes the invention of the stroopwafel to the baker Gerard Kamphuisen, which would date the first stroopwafels somewhere around 1810, the year he opened his bakery.  Stroopwafels were not found outside Gouda until 1870, by which point the city was home to around 100 syrup-waffle bakers.  Originally the Stroopwafels were made from cookie crumbs and left over dough with syrup poured over it. That’s why they were called “poor man’s cookie”

After 1870 stroopwafels began to appear in other cities, and in the 20th century, factory-made stroopwafels were introduced. By 1960, there were 17 factories in Gouda alone, of which four are still open. Today, Stroopwafels are sold at markets, by street vendors, and in supermarkets, and since 2016 United Airlines has been serving stroopwafels as a breakfast snack on its domestic flights.

More and more Americans are getting to know the Syrup Waffle and by now the Syrup Waffle is sold in more than 85 countries over the world.


The Dutch Waffle Company takes part in the introduction of the syrup waffle in the USA