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High quality syrup waffles made with passion. Taste a new experience of waffles.

Taste the Dutch Syrup Waffle

The Dutch Syrup Waffle(Stroopwafel) is coming to the USA and we -The Dutch Waffle Company- are part of it. But, what is making our syrup waffle so special? We want to give you the original taste of a syrup waffle. Hand crafted, fresh and with a unique layer/syrup assembly, to give you the ultimate taste experience.



What is a stroopwafel?

A stroopwafel (literally "syrup waffle") is a wafer cookie
made from two thin layers of baked dough joined by
a caramel filling. A stroopwafel is placed over a hot drink such
as coffee or tea to warm the cookie up and soften the
syrup and make the caramel inside a bit gooey. Off course
they are delicious at room temperature as well.

Target Markets

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Coffee Shops


Super Markets

Convenience store

If it´s a local coffee shop, bakery or super market. Dutch Waffle Company supports a wide variety of shops and markets to give even more customers the Dutch Syrup Waffle taste they need.

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Business clients


For each shop or market we'll find a solution, that fit your needs for sure. Get more information about our Dutch Syrup Waffle products, such as vendor machine capabilities, support for UPC codes or product wrapping.



If you are interested to become a business client, you can use our contact form. If using, please change the subject to 'Become a business client' and it will deliver your request to the right department. We glad to answer your questions.

Alternatively, you can mail us at info@dutchwafflecompany.us





Dutch Syrup Waffle baking

You can also contact us for live Dutch Syrup Waffle baking during your wedding,business opening,street fair or
any kind of venue that we could come and provide the people with freshly baked Dutch Syrup Waffles.

Meet the Team!

The team of the Dutch Waffle Company is working hard every day, to bring the stroopwafel(syrup waffle) to the customers and business clients, because we are convinced that everyone should try our multi-purpose snack.

We are ready to support you, are you ready for the Dutch Syrup Waffles?



Our Team

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