Domain extension changed to .US

The Dutch Waffle Company has changed the domain extension to .US and will no longer be the official domain. This will change a couple of things for our users, existing clients or business clients. Here you will get a quick overview.



New official domain will be:

In most cases you will be redirected to our new .us extension automatically. However, in some cases it is currently still possible that you will not be redirected. We're already trying to solve this issue and keeping you informed on this page.



Current Issue(s): [ !: At the moment we're facing a issue with the incoming mail for the .org mail addresses. It can happen that your email will get lost ] <--Status: SOLVED

Still having delivery issues? Mail us at a new email address.


The following email addresses are discontinued for future communication:,,,

We highly advise to use the new email addresses from now on. The new email addresses are: