Long, Not Lost, Dream!

Long, Not Lost, Dream!

I am Bianca, proud owner of Dutch Waffle Company, located in beautiful northern Indiana. In November 2019, my husband and I sold our house and moved to the United States to pursue our dream ‘providing  Americans with the best and freshest traditional cookie there is” - delicious Stroopwafels!

We Dutch people just LOVE cookies with our cup of coffee and tea. Stroopwafels have stood the test of time. Our Stroopwafel recipe goes back to the 1800’s and it the #1 cookie of the Netherlands. Each year 520 million Stroopwafels are being consumed. That is a whole lot of Stroopwafels if you imagine that the Netherlands fits inside the State of Indiana!

You might think “what in the world makes this cookie so special?” I believe it is the combination of different flavors and textures. Just imagine starting to bite into a soft, crispy cinnamony wafer, and when biting completely though, getting the combined taste of cookie, gooey caramel, cookie, experience. (mmmmmm!)

Our business has been growing from the start and is continuing to grow. Many people are getting to know our Stroopwafels and No-Bake Stoopwafel Pie Crust and are finding out that we “provide the best and freshest” products.

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