Collection: Gifts

Searching for that perfect gift with a touch of Dutch charm? Our Gifts & Merchandise collection is your destination! From delicious stroopwafel treats to cozy mugs and playful souvenirs, we celebrate all things Netherlands.

Delft Blue

Delft Blue pottery is a world-renowned art form with a rich history dating back to the 17th century. Originating in the city of Delft, Netherlands, this iconic style of pottery is known for its distinctive cobalt blue designs painted against a bright white background. Our Delft Blue-inspired designs embody the spirit of the Netherlands. The classic cobalt blue and white color palette can be seen on the traditional delft ceramics. Along with motifs like windmills, wooden clogs and tulips, they evoke the timeless beauty of Dutch craftsmanship. These pieces honor the rich heritage of Delft Blue pottery while offering a fresh, modern take on its intricate artistry.

Stroopwafel Gift Tins

Our beautiful stroopwafel tins make a delightful gift on their own. They come in three charming designs: Amsterdam, Windmills, and Bicycles. Pair them with a package of our authentic Dutch stroopwafels for a complete treat! Choose from classic flavors or try one of our specialty varieties for an extra special touch.

Dutch Mugs

We offer both classic Dutch mugs and versions featuring luxurious golden handles for an extra touch of elegance Combine a beatiful Dutch-themed mug with a bag of our stroopwafel coffee for the ultimate cozy gift. Our mugs are designed to perfectly cradle a stroopwafel over a steaming cup, making this sweet Dutch tradition even more enjoyable.

Dutch Waffle Company Gift Card

Looking for the perfect way to share your love of Dutch treats? A Dutch Waffle Company gift card is the ideal present! It gives the recipient the freedom to discover all the deliciousness we offer. From our classic and specialty stroopwafels to our unique stroopwafel pie crust and stroopwafel-flavored coffee, they'll discover new favorites and indulge in a taste of the Netherlands. Give the gift of delicious discovery with a Dutch Waffle Company gift card!

Dutch Food

The Netherlands might not be the first place you think of for culinary adventures, but Dutch cuisine offers both comforting classics and unique treats. From sweet snacks to unique coffee, these Dutch snacks make amazing gifts!

Share the Stroopwafel Love! Here at the Dutch Waffle Company, we're all about the ultimate Dutch cookie. Gift a pack of our authentic Dutch stroopwafels, with their two thin waffle layers and caramel filling. Choose from classic flavors or exciting variations for all their dietary needs. Want to share that warm stroopwafel experience anytime? Our special stroopwafel-flavored coffee makes a cozy and unique gift. And for the adventurous baker, our ready-to-bake stroopwafel pie crust adds a sweet Dutch twist to any dessert creation.

Dutch plate in delft blue style with stroopwafels