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Discover the irresistible charm of a stroopwafel. Handmade in the US with no preservatives or artificial flavors, our family-run business delivers authentic Dutch taste and premium quality with every bite. Our Dutch stroopwafels are simply irresistible with their thin, crispy layers and gooey caramel filling. Whether you crave a sweet snack or the perfect pairing for your coffee or tea, these delicious and iconic Dutch Waffles are ready to become your new obsession. Buy your stroopwafels online today and enjoy fast shipping right to your door!

What is a Stroopwafel

A stroopwafel (pronounced "strupe-wah-full"), also known as a syrup waffle or Dutch cookie, is a beloved treat with a rich history. It consists of two thin, crispy waffle cookies, held together by a layer of caramel syrup.
Stroopwafels originated in the city of Gouda, Netherlands, likely in the late 18th or early 19th century. They were initially considered a "poor man's treat," made from bakery scraps, demonstrating Dutch resourcefulness.

Traditionally, they are enjoyed by placing them atop a cup of hot coffee or tea, allowing the steam to warm the stroopwafel and soften the caramel filling. As the caramel melts slightly, it creates a gooey texture that perfectly complements the crispy exterior of the wafers. This traditional method of enjoying stroopwafels not only enhances the flavor but also creates a cozy and comforting experience, making it a beloved ritual in Dutch culture. To dive deeper into the world of stroopwafels, check out our Dutch stroopwafel guide!

Buy Stroopwafels online

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Why choose our Stroopwafels

When it comes to stroopwafels, Dutch Waffle Company is the place where tradition meets taste. We are a Dutch family business living in the United States that proudly bake our freshly made stroopwafels by hand. We use only the finest flour and butter - always without artificial flavors or preservatives. Each stroopwafel is an example of Dutch craftsmanship, with care and attention to detail to ensure an authentic experience with every bite. Whether you enjoy them straight from the package, warmed over your favorite hot beverage, or crumbled as a pie crust for dessert, our stroopwafels are sure to become your new favorite cookie.

Our Stroopwafel flavors

We stay true to the roots of the famous Dutch stroopwafel while offering progressive alternatives for your diet. Try the authentic flavors and textures of our classic stroopwafel, or explore our delicious gluten-free and vegan options – crafted with the same care and commitment to quality for a treat everyone can enjoy:

Classic Stroopwafels

Discover the timeless taste of a classic stroopwafel. The original flavor that started our obsession. These authentic Dutch treats feature crispy, thin waffles and a delicious, gooey caramel filling crafted with care. Don't miss out on the original stroopwafel taste - Order yours now!

Gluten Free Stroopwafels

The joy of stroopwafels, now for everyone! Indulge in the stroopwafel experience without sacrificing flavor or texture. Our gluten-free option boasts the same crispy waffles and deliciously gooey caramel filling as our classic options. But don't just take our word for it – find out what our happy customers have to say.

Vegan Stroopwafels

Our delicious stroopwafels, now with a plant-based twist! Our vegan waffles deliver the same authentic taste, without sacrificing flavor. Perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth. Pro tip: Place your stroopwafel over a hot cup to soften the waffle for an extra indulgent treat.

An original Dutch stroopwafel