Q. Who started Dutch Waffle Company LLC?
A. Bianca E. Letens, Van der Gaag and Patrick S.H. Letens.  Patrick and Bianca are both Dutch

Q. Where are the owners of DWC from?
A. Patrick was born in northern part of the Netherlands in the province Groningen in a town called Ter Apel. Bianca was born in the western part of the Netherlands in the province South Holland in a town called Schiedam. After her 1st birthday she moved to Emmen in the Northern part of the Netherlands where she grew up.

Q. Do Patrick and Bianca have family here in the United States?
A. Patrick and Bianca have 3 daughters: Annelotte, Leonie and Ilse. Annelotte went to Bethel University for her Bachelor and Masters degrees. She is married and lives in the United States. Leonie lives and goes to college in the Netherlands. Ilse lives and works in the Netherlands as well.

Q. Is Dutch Waffle Company, LLC an American Company?
A. Yes, Dutch Waffle Company is a 100% women owned, American company located in Indiana, U.S.A.

Q. What is a Dutch Stroopwafel?
A. Stroopwafels are a crispy wafer cookie filled with gooey caramel Stroop (which means "syrup") wafel (which means "wafer").

Q. What is the correct spelling, Stroopwafel or Stroopwaffle?
A. The Dutch spelling is Stroopwafel. For English speaking we wanted to make it easier by spelling it Stroopwaffle, but by now the Stroopwafel is so commonly known that we are converting back to the Dutch spelling.

Q. Where do Stroopwafels come from?
A. In the early 1800's the first Stroopwafels were baked in the city of Gouda in the Netherlands, Europe.

Q. Do Dutch people like Stroopwafels?
A. Dutch people LOVE having many kind of cookies along with their cup of coffee and tea. Each year, over 520 million Stroopwafels are consumed.

Q. What is the Stroopwafel recipe?
A. As you might understand, we cannot give out the secret recipe, but we can tell you that flour, eggs, butter and cinnamon are all important ingredients. We do, however, share recipes for baking with our delicious regular and gluten-free No Bake Stroopwafel Pie Crust on our website.

Q. Are your Stroopwafels organic?
A. Our vegan Stroopwafels are organic.

Q. Where can I buy your Stroopwafels?
A. We have over 600 stores that sell our products, Please visit our website and look on the map for your nearest shop. If you do not have a shop nearby or just would like to have the comfort of having it shipped to your address, we gladly ship it to you as well. Please visit our online store and place your order.

Q. I know of a new store that should sell Stroopwafels. Can I refer them to you?
A. We would appreciate the referral! Please call us at 574-312-4578 or send an email to bianca@dutchwafflecompany.us and we will get in contact with them.

Q. How can I become a reseller?
A. Please go to our website and fill out a small form, whereafter we will get in contact with you.

Q. Can I order Stroopwafels on line?
A. Yes visit our store on this website!

Q. Can I order a gift card?
A. Yes, you can. Please give us a call and we will gladly serve you, as long as it has not been set up on our website. We would love to give that personal note to your delivery and for an additional price we will write your card.

Q. How can I keep Stroopwafels the freshest?
A. It is best to store the Stroopwafels as cool as possible, 66 degrees or below. Freezing is a perfect way to store them as well. Your Stroopwafel will stay fresh and thaw within minutes.

Q. Do you have different sizes?
A. Yes 3.5” regular sizes and 5” Jimbo Stroopwafels.

Q. What is the difference between the 3.5” and 5”?
A. The 3.5’ can be stored outside the freezer and refrigerator and are best kept below 66 degrees. The 5” has a different recipe and need to be kept frozen or refrigerated or eaten straight away.

Q. Why the name ‘Jimbo’?
A. It is a wink to my dear host dad, James Hartman (Jim), who was the one that gave us the idea to start baking fresh Stroopwafels in the USA.

Q. Do you have Stroopwafels in other flavors?
A. Yes, we have made maple-flavored Jimbo’s for the Maple Festival and Blue Berry flavored for the Blueberry festival. We are working on other flavored Jimbo’s as well. Please let us know what your favorite flavor is and we might make it!

Q. Do you have other Stroopwafel products?
A. Yes, our 3 minute No Bake Stroopwafel Pie Crust, Stroopwafel coffee coming.

Q. How many pie crusts can I make out of one pouch?
A. One pouch holds 1 lb. - 1 pouch is good for 2 decent/thick 9’ pie pans or 24 mini cakes.

Q. What is special about the No Bake Pie Crust?
A. It is made from the Stroopwafel wafer cookie without the caramel. The grounding is not really fine and therefore shows actual Stroopwafel pieces. When mixing in with melted butter it gets really firm, though still cuts really well and does not crumble up while cutting the pie into pieces.

Q. What pie goes well with the No Bake Pie Crust?
A. No Bake Stroopwafel Pie Crust goes well with sweet and savory. Curious to try it out yourself but in need of recipe ideas? Check out our blog.

Q. I have a recipe that I would like to share for your blog. Are you interested?
A. Yes, please share you regular, vegan and gluten free recipes with us! Send an email to bianca@dutchwafflecompany.us and we will post your recipe with your name on our website together with your pie-picture.

Q. Can I put the No Bake Stroopwafel pie crust in the oven?
A. Yes. Although you do not need to, you can do so. If the pie goes in for a relative long time we suggest covering the sides and top to prevent overbaking.

Q. Is the No Bake Pie Crust only for pies?
A. No, you can me creative with it. For example, you can use it as topping for your pie, topping for your ice cream. make cupcakes, make desserts, or 7-layer bars with them (substituting the crackers for the No Bake Stroopwafel pie crust).

Q. Is Dutch Waffle Company LLC a Women Owned business?
A. Yes. In 2022 we proudly received the Wbenc/WeConnect Women Owned Business Certificate. We are the first American Company with a women-owned certificate with European heritage!

Q. How should I eat a Stroopwafel?
A. You can eat our Stroopwafels right out of the package. Many people like to put their Stroopwafel on top of their hot beverage so the caramel can get warmed up. But we also have people that like to nibble on a Stroopwafel when it comes out of the refrigerator. You can use it as topping on your ice cream or warm up the Stroopwafel slightly above the campfire and use them for your s’mores.

Q. Is a Stroopwafel the same as a Pizzelle?
A. No. The Pizzelle is a single wafer (sugar) cookie that has the same first appearance but is very different. This Pizzelle cookie is known in several European countries under different names, with slightly different recipes. For example, Italy (Pizzelle), Germany (Eisenkuchen/Neu Jahrs Kuchen), Noorwegen (krumkaketaly), Zwitserland (bricelets) and the Netherlands (kniepertje). These sugar cookies are single wafer but have the same pattern as a Stroopwafel.