Collection: Vegan Stroopwafels

When you're looking for a snack that truly delivers, our vegan stroopwafels rise to the occasion. Forget restrictive diets and unsatisfying substitutes! Our delicious vegan stroopwafels are handcrafted locally with premium ingredients and no preservatives or artificial flavors. Certified organic and plant-based, order your new favorite vegan cookie here!

What is a Vegan Stroopwafel

A stroopwafel is a delicious Dutch cookie that has become a global sensation. Traditionally, Dutch stroopwafels are made with a rich dough containing butter, eggs, and milk, which creates their signature texture and flavor. In the center, a sweet, gooey caramel filling binds two thin, crisp waffles together. At DutchWaffleCompany we worked hard to replicate this experience, substituting these ingredients with organic plant-based alternatives. The result is a vegan cookie that delivers the same indulgent experience as our original stroopwafels, proving that plant-based treats can be every bit as satisfying and delicious. Make sure to try this delicious vegan treat!

Why choose our Vegan Stroopwafels

We wanted to create a vegan snack that truly delivers the stroopwafel experience. The traditional Dutch delight of stroopwafels, lovingly crafted in a certified organic & plant-based version. Our Dutch family-run business is passionate about authentic taste and quality ingredients. Every stroopwafel is handcrafted locally to be delivered freshly with no overseas shipping. With no preservatives or artificial flavors, our vegan stroopwafels deliver a premium, delicious treat that aligns with your values. We can't wait to hear what you think of them!

Best Vegan snack

Vegan snack cravings can be tricky to satisfy, especially when looking for classic treats. Our vegan stroopwafels are here to change your snacking experience. Our plant-based cookies deliver the classic gooey caramel and crispy waffle experience, proving that vegan treats can be every bit as satisfying. Order yours today and discover the perfect vegan snack!

Vegan gift ideas

Finding thoughtful gifts for the plant-based loved ones in your life can be a challenge. But don't worry – we have the perfect solution: vegan stroopwafels! These classic Dutch treats offer a unique and delicious twist on traditional cookies. Imagine two thin, crispy waffle layers embracing a heart of warm, gooey caramel... all crafted with premium plant-based ingredients. Elevate your gift even more by adding one of our beautiful stroopwafel tins! Perfect for storing and enjoying their delicious treats.

More Stroopwafel flavors

The stroopwafel adventure doesn't stop at vegan! We've crafted a delightful range of flavors, from classic favorites to gluten-free options. Ready to taste them all? Check them out here:

Classic Stroopwafels

Experience the original taste that sparked a global obsession! Our classic stroopwafels showcase the authentic Dutch recipe, featuring crispy, thin waffles and a perfectly gooey caramel filling.

Gluten Free Stroopwafels

Our gluten-free option delivers the same authentic stroopwafel experience, with no compromises on flavor or texture. Indulge in those crispy waffles and the perfectly gooey caramel filling – a delicious treat for everyone to enjoy.

Vegan stroopwafels