Collection: Classic Stroopwafels

Classic stroopwafels - the original flavor of this beloved Dutch treat. Locally handcrafted for freshness and quality. Premium quality and ingredients without preservatives or artificial flavors. Shop our classic stroopwafel collection here and enjoy them while they are on discount!

What is a Classic Stroopwafel

Classic stroopwafels are the original flavor of the Dutch cookie that started a global obsession. These beloved Dutch stroopwafels embody centuries of tradition, with a simple yet irresistible combination of flavors and textures. Two thin, crispy waffles embrace a heart of gooey caramel, creating a delightful balance of textures. Enjoy them straight from the package, or indulge in the traditional Dutch way: rest your stroopwafel over a steaming cup of coffee or tea to soften the caramel.

Why choose our Classic Stroopwafels

At DutchWaffleCompany, we believe the best stroopwafels are made with simple, premium ingredients and no preservatives or artificial flavors. That's why we take pride in our commitment to quality, ensuring every bite is as authentically Dutch as it is irresistibly delicious. Let us share our passion with you! Order yours today and experience why our original stroopwafels are truly a cut above the rest – and enjoy a limited-time discount!

Order Classic Stroopwafels online

Treat yourself to a taste delicious treat with Dutch Waffle Company's classic stroopwafels. With just a few clicks, you can experience the timeless delight of authentic Dutch flavors. Don't miss out on our special offers – order now and enjoy the convenience of freshly made stroopwafels delivered directly to you.

More Stroopwafel flavors

We believe everyone should experience the joy of a delicious stroopwafel! That's why we offer incredible gluten-free and vegan options, crafted with the same care and commitment to quality. Discover the same irresistible flavors and textures, now accessible to even more tastebuds:

Gluten Free Stroopwafels

Our gluten free stroopwafels allow you to enjoy the same classic taste, while crafted with gluten-free ingredients. Whether you're gluten-sensitive, seeking delicious alternatives, or simply want to share the joy of stroopwafels with everyone, our gluten-free option is the perfect choice.

Vegan Stroopwafels

Share the love of stroopwafels with everyone! Our vegan option lets those with plant-based diets savor the timeless taste of this Dutch classic. Enjoy the same delightful flavors and textures, now crafted with ingredients that align with your lifestyle.

A classic stroopwafel