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Get ready to upgrade your dessert game with our No-Bake Stroopwafel Pie Crusts! These Dutch treats offer the perfect blend of sweetness and crispy texture, transforming your pies, cheesecakes, and other sweet creations into something truly delicious. Our cookie crust contains no artificial flavors or preservatives. Need a baked option? These crusts hold up beautifully in the oven too. Order your pie crust today and let your dessert creativity run wild!

What is a Stroopwafel Pie Crust

These unique pie crusts use crushed stroopwafels, the beloved Dutch cookie. Their dense texture holds up beautifully against moisture, preventing soggy bottom. This delivers an irresistible caramel flavor and satisfying crunch perfect for your pies, cheesecakes, or your own favorite no-bake creations. These no-bake pie crusts make it super easy to create desserts that will impress everyone, perfect for special occasions or simply treating yourself. Want to bake? These crusts hold up beautifully in the oven too, just make sure to cover the exposed crust edges with aluminum foil during baking. You can make two delicious 9-inch pies or treat yourself to a batch of 24 irresistible mini pies with each 1 lb. pouch. Need gluten-free? We've got you covered with our equally delicious gluten-free pie crust!

Why choose our Stroopwafel Pie Crusts

Our love of baking and the stroopwafel inspired us to create this delicious ready-to-use pie crust. At DutchWaffleCompany, we believe the perfect pie crust starts with the best ingredients. That's why our cookie crusts are made out of Dutch stroopwafels that are handcrafted locally using premium ingredients and no artificial flavors or preservatives. Our customers can't get enough of the unique taste and convenience of our stroopwafel pie crusts. Try them yourself and we would love to hear just how much you liked them!

Stroopwafel Pie Crust vs. Graham Cracker Crust

While graham cracker crusts might be a classic choice, there's a new contender for the best pie crust: stroopwafel pie crusts. Made with crushed Dutch stroopwafels, these crusts deliver a unique and irresistible sweetness with a satisfying crunch that complements both creamy and fruity fillings. Unlike graham cracker crusts, stroopwafel crust requires no added ingredients like sugar, cinnamon or vanilla. Plus, their course texture means they resist moisture, so you'll never have that dreaded soggy bottom again! Another classic is the Oreo pie crust, but stroopwafel crusts offer a homemade feel and unique flavor you won't find elsewhere. Unlike many pie crusts, we offer a gluten-free stroopwafel pie crust option, making this delicious experience accessible to everyone! Stroopwafel pie crusts are ideal for pies and cheesecakes! Their sweetness and satisfying crunch offer a delicious complement to creamy fillings. Whether you make pies or cheesecakes, stroopwafel pie crusts are the perfect choice you must try!

Pie Crust recipes

Find unique and delicious pie crust recipes here, easy to make and they taste simply amazing. Whether you're craving a classic pie, a cheesecake, or something entirely unique, we've got you. Our classic and gluten-free stroopwafel pie crusts come with delicious recipes right on the package, making it easy to whip up incredible desserts. Plus, they offer a versatile base for your own creations, like delicious parfait recipes. But that's just the start – our customers have already used our crusts to create mouthwatering desserts like key lime pie and cherry cheesecake. We can't wait to see what other amazing creations you dream up!

Baking gift ideas

Looking for a unique baking gift? Stroopwafel pie crusts offer a twist on the ordinary. Their sweet caramel flavor and delightful crunch make them perfect for creating both classic and innovative pies, inspiring creativity in the kitchen. Whether they're whipping up a classic fruit pie or experimenting with a cheesecake, stroopwafel pie crusts provide a delicious foundation for success. It's a gift that encourages creativity, saves time, and is sure to result in a truly memorable homemade treat. Plus, maybe they'll let you have a taste! And who wouldn't want to share a slice of homemade pie made with such a unique crust?

Our Pie Crust flavors

Create your next desserts with the deliciousness of stroopwafel pie crusts! Explore both our classic and gluten-free options for an amazing twist on the traditional. Check them out here:

Classic Pie Crust

Our classic stroopwafel pie crust delivers the irresistible caramel flavor and satisfying crunch that makes stroopwafels so addictive. Its no-bake convenience makes it simple to create amazing cheesecakes, pies, and more.

Gluten Free Pie Crust

Enjoy the same authentic stroopwafel experience without compromising flavor or texture. Our gluten-free pie crust offers the perfect base for your favorite pies and cheesecakes, allowing everyone to indulge. No-bake, ready to go!

Cheesecake made from stroopwafel pie crust